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Axxs6 technology combines a clean easy to use company branded online interface with our powerful warehousing and inventory management platform to make reliable ordering a snap! Think of it, all your field personnel, branches, franchisees, employees or customers with a gateway to view and order products and materials twenty-four hours a day.

Axxs6 proprietary technology even offers on demand personalization for print items for a true one of a kind experience. Business cards, brochures, signs, name tags, you name it, can be personalized so companies can empower their team to create on brand approved customized materials with little to no management intervention. And don’t worry about creating a company ordering free for all! With user defined rights and approval workflows, management can stay in control of spending while eliminating the hassle of manually handling employee or customer requests.


  • Branded Company Storefront

  • Easy to view and order products

  • Personalization of Print and Direct Mail

  • Real Time Inventory Visibility

  • Automatic notifications

  • User defined access and ordering limits

  • Advanced reporting

  • Dedicated warehousing and fulfillment services

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